What is a proxy and why is it needed?

Why do people need proxies


In this scenario, a user wants to remain anonymous to the website they are visiting. When a user visits a site, details such as your IP, what browser you are using, etc., are available to the site. Using this information, the site is usually able to keep track of you. Using a proxy prevents this as the site you are visiting sees the proxy as the end-user, effectively hiding your IP. Continue reading…

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need a Free Proxy List

A free proxy list may not be familiar to you because of its technical nature. It is something that is not enjoyed by most people, maybe because of disinterest or not being familiar with the subject matter. But, there are people who have an interest but do not have enough understanding of its use and power. There are also some who are already enjoying its benefits but keep this to themselves because they can be perceived as smart if they know of ways to do away with network restrictions. Continue reading…